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Traffic Warning and Detection Systems

ELTEC’s flood warning systems and quality traffic warning systems work to meet the needs of the transportation industry, increase public safety, and reduce the rate of accidents on roads and motorways. We focus on solar-powered designs, reducing energy costs and pollution. As trusted traffic safety product suppliers, we strive to provide top of the line solar-powered traffic signs, flood warning systems, traffic detection systems, pedestrian traffic control products, and other traffic warning systems. BROWSE ELTEC


Pedestrian Crossing Systems

ELTEC’s Pedestrian Crossing System is designed to alert approaching motorists that a crosswalk is occupied.

ELTEC’s Pedestrian Crossing System may be integrated for AC or solar power. All ELTEC solar powered systems never dim any signal during the day, maintaining the beacon’s effectiveness and the warning system’s integrity. BROWSE ELTEC


  • Jogging/running paths
  • Hiking trails
  • Horse trails
  • Cyclist crossings
  • Golf cart crossings
  • Middle-of-the-block crosswalks

Io Traffic Products

Io Traffic products are cloud-connected devices enabling remote monitoring and control of your traffic and lighting devices. Reduce unnecessary field visits by using Io Traffic to remotely make changes to your products and alert you of preset conditions.  BROWSE ELTEC

  • Access Io Traffic products from any phone, tablet or computer
  • Text and e-mail alerts
  • Health reports upon demands
  • Over the air updates
  • Remote control brightness, pattern, dimming, etc.
  • Custom signs — you want it, we can build it and control it from the cloud

Traffic Signal Controllers

Classified as a traditional traffic control signs and traffic safety equipment manufacturer, ELTEC is also a leader in designing and manufacturing time switches to meet traffic safety uses.

ELTEC is a world class provider of engineered traffic systems and solar powered solutions with an emphasis on programmable timing products and pedestrian safety. ELTEC is sought out for exceptional quality, delivery, service, and customer support. BROWSE ELTEC